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M.O.E., pronounced like what you do to your lawn in the summer, stands for Money Offering Effort. Money freely given, Offering of our time and talents and Effort because nothing worthwhile comes without effort.

M.O.E. is a social-action and philanthropic group that three of my friends and I started in 2001 when we were in elementary school. Moved by the injustice of world hunger when we saw a poster on our church bulletin board for Week of Compassion, depicting starving children in Africa, we decided to form an organization dedicated to helping people in need. We were inspired by how much good could be done with a relatively small amount of money and started doing odd jobs, and saving our allowances and gift money to contribute to causes we felt were worthwhile.

M.O.E. is an independent organization run entirely by youth. We do our own research and choose the projects that we wish to support, and then come up with an action plan to accomplish those goals. So far we have raised over $24,000 for hunger relief and humanitarian projects in 18 different countries, collected over 900 books for a youth home, assisted Shelter House with the Overflow Shelter Project, raised money to help a local woman secure a seizure response dog, collected and delivered furniture to a family whose home was destroyed by fire and have helped many other local families by offering assistance whenever and wherever there is a need.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about MOE is that seven years later, as we are in our final years of high school and looking toward our individual futures, we are still working together on humanitarian projects and have been joined in our efforts by fifteen other youth ranging in age from 10 to 18. We are now spending our time mentoring the younger members and preparing them for leadership roles to ensure the future success of MOE.

MOE Projects

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