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This section is on Nathan's schooling.


Schooling Home

The Best of Both Worlds - Making My Education Work for Me

After spending the summer of my Freshman year at North Carolina School of the Arts Chamber Music Program, I knew that IGallery Gig needed to do something different with my education if I wanted to successfully pursue a career in music. Among other things that I learned that summer were the benefits of attending a High School of the Arts, where classes in the arts are considered just as important as other classes and scheduling accommodates rigorous practice schedules.

In traditional high schools it is difficult to carve out even 2 hours a day for practice and my goals were much higher than that. So without the benefit of an Arts High School in my community, I decided to create my own. By what is called "dual-enrolling" I am able to take some classes from the local high school, and home-school the rest. The best thing about the "home-school" option is that the opportunities are wide open. In addition to the usual classes, I can study whatever interests me using resources available online, video courses, university lectures, seminars, library materials, museum programs, or tutors. To fit in everything that I want to learn, I have also chosen to study year round instead of the usual 9 month school year.


Sophomore Year

I took orchestra, choir and Honors Spanish II at the local high school.

Click on the links below to learn about my home-school classes.


Algebra II


Honors English 10

Applied Civics I

Music Appreciation I

Violin Performance I

Chamber Music Performance I

Jazz Studies and Piano Composition

Physical Education

Conversational Spanish

AP World History


Extracurricular Activities Sophomore Year

Jazz Band I

Mannerchor Select Men's Choir

City High Quartets


Junior Year

I took orchestra, choir, and Honors Spanish III at the local high school.

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Physics Lab


Applied Civics II

Pre Calculus

Literature of the United States Honors

The Symphonies of Beethoven

Violin Performance II

Chamber Music Performance II

Music Appreciation II

Art Independent Study

Computer Web Site Design and Construction

Comparative Governments - Federal, State and Local


Tartini's The Art of Bowing

Physical Education


Extracurricular Activities Junior Year

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Choir

Mannerchor Select Men's Choir

City High Quartets

Mentoring Young Musicians

Standardized Test Scores


Senior Year

I took orchestra, choir, Advanced Composition, and Honors Spanish IV at the local high school.

Click on the links below to learn more about my home-school classes.


Violin Performance III

Physical Education

Music Composition III

Music Appreciation III

Great Books and Great Films

Earth's Changing Climate

Website Maintenance


Chamber Music Performance III



Applied Civics III